Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Plaster Casting was very fun.

I was unable to go to the beach to make the Plaster Casting project, however I was able to get it done with the help of my mom and cousin. We listened to music and made it fun by working as a team. My mom helped with the “baking” process, and my cousin helped me with the sand by adding pressure while I placed my hand in the sand.

First I mixed the plaster with some water, my mom came in and saw what I was doing and she kind of kicked me out of what I was doing and she said “give me that! It’s like mixing pancake mix!” OKAY. She did a great job, and while she did that I placed my hand in the sand and my cousin helped with the sand. I slowly took my hand out and I think I attempted this about 3 times. The sand would fall into the hand imprint I had made. So I tried one more time after adding a little bit of water and it was set. My mom handed me the plaster mix and as I tried to add the plaster I accidentally knocked out some sand which is why I think the hand casting came out with what looks like two broken fingers.

The drying process was not bad at all. I waited one hour for it to dry and finally took it out and cleaned it out. The sand that stood on it made it look unique and even though the fingers looked broken, I loved it!

I am definitely going to attempt a better one on my free time. Other than that my mom, cousin and I had a good time.


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